Triple Medals Won By New Zealand

At the Rio Olympics many sailor teams like that of Brazil struggled to reach a single medal category, while other countries like New Zealand won triple medals in a single day. That was surely a great feat and achievement for the country’s sailing teams.

With the sailing regattas coming to a close New Zealand team were found to dominate. On the final day they won gold and two silvers, making it the sole country to do so. The feat was accomplished in yachting. All three medals were achieved in this category. Polly Powrie and Jo Aleh started off the proceedings. On Friday at Guanabara Bay they won silver in the 470s category for women.

The next duo to get medals was Tuke and Burling. They are world champions and this was their fifth achievement on the global front when they secured the prestigious gold medal in the 49ers category. This duo was confident of their win at their previous races had been fought well. On the final day they gained major points ahead of others to secure their victory.

Next in line were Alex Maloney and Molly Meech of UK Yacht Charter. This young couple was able to achieve silver in the 4erFX of women’s category. They achieved the silver in a finale that was a nail biting finish for them. Sam Leech, Molly’s brother in the Laser category also achieved a bronze medal.

All in all, the New Zealand yachting teams were able to achieve high points at the Olympics this year. Till date the gold medal tally for the country stands at four. That includes the gold that Blair Tuke and Peter Burling won in the 49ers final race. It has shown that the country teams have dominated others in this category this year at the Olympic Games.