The Achievements Of New Zealand That Needs To Be Applauded

It was a celebration time for New Zealand as a crew broke through the 44 years timeline when not a single tournament of the highest honor was on. Also, two sailors from the country helped the race team win one of the most intense and closest races in the history of the Volvo Ocean Racing. This turned to be a difficult decision for the judges to separate between the Marine team from Honda that had won a trophy which was considered as the world championship of racing and the two teammates of the New Zealand race team. They had been presented along with the trophy.

The Honda Marine Team was also the first in New Zealand to get the trophy in around 44 years. For Dongfeng’s victory, it was believed that Daryl Wislang and Stu Bannatyne played a major role in the Volvo Ocean Race. Though it was Wislang’s second and Bannatyne‘s fourth victory around the world, this win caused them to be renowned as the most successful sailors in Volvo Ocean Race history.
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