University Of Michigan College Sailing

University of Michigan has active student board members to take care of their sailing program. The strong alumni network also helps the university.

As far as the sailing team is concerned, it is owned by Michigan alumni. The Michigan Sailing Club is located on Baseline Lake, which is located in Portage, Michigan. It will take only 30 minute drive to reach the lake from the campus. They established it in 1938 and it has been a big part of the school ever since.

As far as the size of the team is concerned, it is subjected to fluctuation. The same can be said about the talent as well, with some going on to race and help out at Bareboat charter in Croatia but others showing very little interest. They are very keen to promote the team as they want to carve great talents of the team. They want the sport to be a big part of the community as it has always been. Read More