Extreme Sailing Series

If you are a fan of the extreme sailing sports, you will certainly be excited to hear this piece of news. It is about an action packed three Acts race that would be held in Wales, China and Oman as part of the Extreme Sailing Series. The season is now reaching the halfway point.

The GC32s boats that would take part in the series are now headed to Hamburg in Germany, which is said to be Gateway to the World and they would set sail from the Port of Hamburg on the last weekend of this month.

Every year this Port usually receives about 10000 vessels. This year there would be a fleet of GC32S which would be seven in number and of hydro foiling design. They would come to this busy port in Europe and be on the River Elbe’s waters for the second time in the history of the series. This new fleet would be a great addition and to accommodate the same the race area has also been adjusted and expanded. There is more space provided as these boats are known to be super fast. The harbor walls would be enclosed in and hence the race would be in close quarters.

The Race Director, with a background in Yacht Charter Croatia, who has a lot of planning and coordination going on, stated that these boats have performed in the Cardiff stadium which was done last month and the confines were close. Hence, this would not be something new that they would face in Hamburg. However, there are tidal currents that are strong and hence, the mixed conditions for the race along with close racing is what will make the race exciting and thrilling as well as challenging for the racers. The fans are eagerly waiting to see how the race goes as the destined weekend draws near.